Pokemon Platinum Pro NDS Rom Download


Download Pokemon Platinum Pro NDS Rom Hack by cloudforgiven based on Pokemon Platinum in English.
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Download Pokemon Platinum Pro NDS Rom Hack by cloudforgiven based on Pokemon Platinum in English.

Pokemon Platinum Pro NDS Rom Download Pre Patched

Creator: cloudforgiven
Version: Completed
Hack by: platinum
Updated on: January 16, 2020


This is a hard hack using blue’s Pokemon Platinum Plus as the base rom (I got his permission). I will post his documents below for Pokemon changes/evolutions and locations and I take no credit for the work he has done.

One of the great things that sets my hacks apart from other platinum hacks is the fact that trainers have more Pokemon and a consistent level curve, meaning you don’t have to level grind at all.

ALL Trainers and Gym Leaders have Pokemon that are true to their movesets based on their level, which means you wouldn’t find a level 5 Rattata with Aeroblast, Holy Fire, EQ, or Draco Meteor.

Also, some Pokemon (on the 40+ levels) have TM, HM, and event moves, so don’t complain if you see an Entei with torchlight because he learned it via a Gen 4 event when Pokemon Platinum was the new game . You can also check Pokemon DB before complaining.

Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Platinum Version .

Pokemon Platinum Pro Features

Each trainer has AT LEAST 2 Pokemon (some might have 1, but that’s rare, around 0.1%)
Each trainer has AT LEAST 1 full recovery
Each trainer has CHAMPION LEVEL AI value of 7
Each Pokemon of a trainer has maximum EV’s
GYM leaders have 6 Pokemon (follows a level curve), 4 full recoveries, and their Pokemon held items
Team Galactic Grunts and Bosses have more Space Pokemon
Elite Four and Champion have Pokemon with competitive movesets
Just like Blue’s Hack, all 493 Pokemon can be caught (see his documentation on locations)

Also Try Pokemon Conquest Reconquered.

Apart from the above changes, I only made 3 EXTRA changes that are not in Blue’s docs

  • Beldum can now be caught in Wayward’s cave (change I made regarding Pokemon location)
  • All starters can be caught from Lake Verity (half of them) to Route 202 (the other half), another change I made
  • Reggiga’s slow start has been removed.

Pokemon Platinum Pro Screenshots

Pokemon Platinum Pro