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Pokemon League of Legends is a GBA Rom Hack based on the Pokemon Emerald game. It allows the player to create powerful teams of champions to defeat all regional gym leaders while fighting the evil Noxians, just like in the Pokemon League of Legends game.

Download Pokemon League of Legends GBA Rome

Creator: C me
Version: Completed
Hack by: Emerald
Updated on: September 12, 2017


You don’t become a hero if there are no evil forces. So you must defeat the dark forces that aim to bypass Valoran and throw the region into chaos.

Now is the perfect time to start your adventure by saving Valoran with your powerful champions and restoring the place to its peaceful state. Become the best trainer of all and express your training skills in the game.

Exciting things to try
Pokemon League of Legends has a lot of cool things that a Pokemon trainer must try. The game has over 500 unique moves with cool effects. The new tiles, music, and Pokemon abilities are very impressive compared to the original Emerald game. See below for the full list of features.

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  • Captivating storyline
  • All champions up to Camille are available.
  • Animated champion sprites
  • All Pokedex entries/reputation/stats of the champions
  • Over 500 unique moves
  • 75 new skills (passives)
  • All areas of Valoran are accessible
  • After the game: Fight in the Fleshing Arena and similar places
  • Split into physical/special abilities
  • fairy guy
  • Black2/White2 repel system
  • No more need for HM’s
  • New music
  • decapitalization
  • Cool new tiles
  • New battle backgrounds
  • New trainer classes
  • Meet and fight with famous LoL players and teams



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