Pokemon Charged Red (GBA) Download V2.0.3

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Download Pokemon Charged Red GBA ROM Hack by Rage_RG based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. It was last updated on November 2, 2022.

Download Pokemon Charged Red GBA

Creator: Rage_RG
Version: v2.0.3
Hack by: FeuerRot
Updated on: November 2, 2022

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A FireRed hack with fusion Pokemon, QOL features, and redesigned cards.


Around 150 fused Pokémon.
Fairy type and moves.
Some Gen 4/5 moves and abilities.
QoL (Pokémon Re-leaners in every Pokemon Center, better TM’s, QoL Shops).
All maps have been redrawn to give them a fresh new feel.
Very high shiny odds!
Physical/Special Split.
Shop items are cheaper.


Pokemon Pokedex Descriptions.
Pokemon symbols.
play area.
Sevii Islands.

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Known glitches and bugs

PP Up crashes the game.
Random possession of the trainer. (if stuck, use teleport)
Thunderstone name in shop (adds sunstone at the end)

Fixed/added in v2.0.3

Fixed crust shine
Poniling variant now available
G Weezior available
Fixed mapping issues